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Company Overview

The Funding Corporation shares the Farm Credit System's commitment to supporting the diverse people and diverse needs of the U.S. agricultural sector. In doing so, we are firmly committed to diversity and inclusiveness in our hiring and business practices. We believe that our ability to build and sustain an environment that recognizes and rewards the talent, insight, and experience of a diverse workforce, is fundamental to achieving excellence for our investors, member banks, and other stakeholders.

Our commitment to diversity extends from the proactive recruitment of employees from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to a professional culture that encourages creativity, independent thinking, and a diversity of opinions and viewpoints. We believe this commitment both strengthens our organization and creates opportunities for all employees to realize personal and professional goals through the most effective application of their unique talents and skills.

It is the policy of the Funding Corporation to provide a work environment for all employees that is free of discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, sex, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, or any other protected status.

Interested in pursuing a career within the Farm Credit System? Search for career opportunities.

The Funding Corporation believes in engaging with and supporting our local community and to that end, encourages all employees to volunteer their time and energy to support the less fortunate and help build our community. In recognition of these efforts, the Funding Corporation has created an Annual Volunteer Service Award which both acknowledges employees' efforts on behalf of others and provides financial support to employee-selected organizations.

We also maintain partnerships with several organizations which we support with financial contributions and by volunteering our time:

The York Street Project

Established in 1989, the York Street Project provides housing, education, childhood development, counseling, and life-skills training to more than 300 economically-disadvantaged women and children each year. The mission of the York Street Project is to break the cycle of poverty by weaving innovative programs that shelter, feed, educate and promote healing and independence for women and children in need. Funding Corporation employees support the York Street Project through volunteerism, food drives, corporate sponsorship and special events.

Cornell Program

The Funding Corporation is proud to support local high school students in the New York City area by providing funding that offers aid to students participating in pre-college programs during the summer. The Cornell Program enables exceptional high school students the opportunity to experience college life and take courses with some of Cornell University's most outstanding professors. These high school students live in residence halls with summer college students on campus and receive support from Cornell staff as they begin to navigate college life.

Harlem Children's Zone

As a mission-driven organization, the Funding Corporation is proud to partner with Harlem Children's Zone by contributing to their "Healthy Harlem" initiative. This program facilitates healthy living in order to combat obesity in children. Through nutritional education, fitness activities and parent engagement, "Healthy Harlem" is encouraging thousands of children and families to acquire life-long healthy habits. The program promotes widespread wellness through local community cooking classes, a farmers market with free fruits and vegetables, and exercise programs.

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