Investors in Farm Credit Debt Securities are encouraged to read the offering documents associated with the securities.

Current Offering CircularsPublication Date
Bonds and Discount Notes December 8, 2014
Previous Offering CircularsPublication Date
The Offering Circulars listed below are not the most recent version or may relate to a type of Farm Credit Debt Security that is no longer issued.
Bonds and Discount Notes  October 18, 2010
Bonds and Discount Notes June 18, 1999
Bonds and Discount Notes January 22, 1996
Medium-Term Notes July 19, 1993
Medium-Term Notes August 18, 1992
Medium-Term Notes March 27, 1989

Offering circulars should be read in conjunction with the most recent Annual or Quarterly Information Statement and any Press Releases that relate to the financial results or other developments affecting the Farm Credit System, as issued by The Funding Corporation. Investors should rely only on the information provided by the Funding Corporation and incorporated by reference or provided in an offering circular, any supplement to an offering circular and the applicable offering Announcement or term sheet for a particular issue of Farm Credit Debt Securities.