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The Funding Corporation plays a role in the Farm Credit System's mission to enable rural families, farms and businesses to prosper. We're proud to work for the well-being of communities across our country.

We bring this vision home to our local communities in the greater New York City area. We want to see our neighbors gain access to the resources they need to thrive. To that end, we've built long-term relationships with local organizations that we support through corporate sponsorships, financial contributions and events. Our employees share their time and talents with these partners and others of their choosing.

Partnering for Impact

Our partners empower families and children to build better futures. Their services help break the cycle of poverty, improve nutrition and overcome hurdles to financial stability.

Harlem Children's Zone

Harlem Children's Zone provides education programs, wellness initiatives, and family and community engagement tailored to the specific needs of children in Central Harlem. The organization's model for action serves more than 22,500 people, empowering them to overcome intergenerational poverty and create promising futures.

Summer Residential Program at Cornell

This program gives exceptional high school students an opportunity to experience college life and take courses with top Cornell University professors. These students live on campus and learn how to succeed in a college environment with the help of Cornell staff. Our support goes toward financial aid for local students.

York Street Project

The York Street Project provides housing, education, childhood development, counseling and life-skills training to nearly 400 women, children and families each year. The York Street Project uses innovative programs to promote healing and independence for its clients, and helps them break the cycle of poverty.

Responding to Hardships

Farm Credit loans help farmers prepare for and even adapt to difficult circumstances. When entire communities face unforeseen hardships such as natural disasters, Farm Credit is there for them, too. The Funding Corporation and other System entities come together to donate funds to help these communities rebuild. We will continue to support our Farm Credit community members during their times of need. Learn more about community engagement by the Farm Credit System.

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