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Stewardship is a value we share with rural communities and our investors. It's also the goal of our work each day. By providing regular, transparent disclosures, we aid investors in stewarding their financial resources. By generating funds for Farm Credit loans, we ultimately enable borrowers to care for the land, grow their businesses and build vital infrastructure that prepares these communities for the future.

At the Funding Corporation, we're also committed to responsible stewardship of our time, talents and financial resources. We provide programs and benefits to help our people flourish, and we're creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment that enables everyone to be at their best. Together, we're engaging with our local communities through charitable donations and volunteering.

Stewardship Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Our cooperative governance structure facilitates stewardship by providing deep accountability, stability and expertise.

Stewardship Culture


We're creating diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces in which employees can grow personally and professionally.

Stewardship Community


Thriving communities are the heart of the System's mission. We partner with local organizations to advance this goal.

System Customers Are Taking Sustainable Action

System Customers Are Taking Sustainable Action

Farmers and other agriculture producers are the original stewards of the land. They continually adapt to changes in weather conditions, adopt new technologies and pursue sustainable opportunities like renewable energy. Agriculture is capital intensive, but Farm Credit loans help producers do what's best for their land and businesses over the long term.

Learn how Farm Credit customers are adopting climate-smart agriculture practices that conserve natural resources and strengthen our nation's food, fuel and fiber supply.

System Customers Are Taking Sustainable Action

Supporting Growth and Resilience in Rural Communities

Supporting Growth and Resilience in Rural Communities

Every day, individual Farm Credit institutions partner with their customers on their journey toward a sustainable future.

Learn more about those partnerships:

CoBank (Denver, CO) 2023 Sustainability Report
Farm Credit Services of America (Omaha, NE) 2023 Sustainability Report
Frontier Farm Credit (Manhattan, KS) 2023 Sustainability Report
Farm Credit East (Enfield, CT) 2023 Sustainability Report

Supporting Growth and Resilience in Rural Communities

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