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Designated Bonds

Farm Credit Designated Bonds are high credit quality, liquid, non-callable securities. New issues of Designated Bonds are $1 billion or larger and are generally included in the Barclays Aggregate Index. Designated Bonds will be offered periodically. Designated Bonds typically have a two to ten year original maturity and are offered through a syndicate of two to six Bond Dealers. Designated Bonds offer a viable alternative to comparable U.S. Treasuries with the potential for yield enhancement. They also offer portfolio diversification opportunities.

Designated Bonds Details

Offered Periodically Denomination $1,000 minimum
$1,000 increments
Program Rating F1+ Fitch
P-1 Moody's
A-1+ S&P
Settlement 3-5 business days
Risk Weighting 20% BIS Typical Index N/A
Program Maturity Range 1-30 years Day Count 30/360
Typical Maturity 2-10 years Payment Frequence Semi-annually
Call Feature N/A Method of Issuance Syndicated
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