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Designated Bonds

Farm Credit Designated Bonds are high-credit quality, liquid, non-callable securities. New issues of Designated Bonds are generally $1 billion or larger and are included in the Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Index.

We issue Designated Bonds to meet the needs of the Farm Credit Banks, with consideration for investor interests and market conditions. Designated Bonds are a viable alternative to comparable U.S. Treasury bonds with the potential for yield enhancement.

Designated Bonds Details

Offered Periodically Denomination $1,000 minimum
$1,000 increments
Program Rating Fitch: AA+/F1+
Moody's: Aaa/P-1
Standard & Poor's: AA+/A-1+
Settlement 3-5 business days
Risk Weighting 20% BIS Typical Index N/A
Program Maturity Range 1-30 years Day Count 30/360
Typical Maturity 2-10 years Payment Frequence Semi-annually
Call Feature N/A Method of Issuance Syndicated
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