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About Us

The Funding Corporation issues high-quality debt securities in the financial markets to finance Farm Credit System loans, leases and operations. Through our work, we connect investors with the System's vital mission: their funds become the capital that farmers and rural communities use to build businesses, care for the land and strengthen the nation's agricultural system.

Every day — through the debt securities we issue and the information we provide — the Funding Corporation works to ensure that hundreds of thousands of members of rural communities have consistent access to the financial resources they need.

How We Serve

We proudly serve the Farm Credit System's mission by...

  • Issuing and marketing highly rated debt securities as the System Banks' fiscal agent
  • Publishing the System's Information Statements on a quarterly and annual basis
  • Developing and maintaining a diverse investor base

We also strive to serve our employees and local communities. Learn how we nurture community relationships and cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion.

What We Value

We are founded on strong cooperative values: caring for others, facilitating equitable participation and stewarding resources wisely. As we evolve in the areas of environmental, social and governance impact, we think in terms of stewardship - how we apply our resources to the greater good, and how we create opportunities for our employees and investors to grow their respective resources.

About Us