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Debt Securities

Investors in the U.S. and around the globe support the Farm Credit System's mission when they purchase our high-quality debt securities. Their funds become capital that rural community members use to build businesses and supply our nation with food, fuel and fiber.

Meeting Investor Needs

By offering a variety of debt securities, we meet the needs of many investor types, including investment managers, public entities, commercial banks, corporations, insurance companies, pension funds and official institutions.

We issue Farm Credit notes and bonds on a daily basis across a range of sizes and maturities. Our securities have a Bank for International Settlement (BIS) risk weighting of 20% and are highly rated:

Fitch: AA+/F1+
Moody's: Aaa/P-1
Standard & Poor's: AA+/A-1+

Principal and interest payments are insured by the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation to the extent that funds are available.* Interest earned on Farm Credit debt securities is generally exempt from state, local and municipal taxes.**

* Debt securities are not obligations of, nor are they guaranteed by, the U.S. government or any federal agency or instrumentality other than the Banks of the Farm Credit System. They are the joint and several obligations of the four Banks of the Farm Credit System.
** Please consult your tax advisor for specific information.

Debt Securities